Test membership

At our club you can check at leisure, whether our club suits your preferences, or you can just acquire the sought rating (SPL, PPL, EFIS, constant speed prop., night rating, etc.). You may simply join in one of many club activities, such as fly outs to someplace in Europe, explore the vicinity of Günzburg in one of our planes, or just travel to any other place in Europe. Have a look at our fleet and find just the right plane for your mission. 
Test membership provides you with all the benefits of our standard active membership, including standard rental rates and conditions identical to our other members*. 

All landing and flight control fees in EDMG are already included in the test membership rates: There are no hidden other fees. If you decide upon regular active membership, simply swap your test membership into a regular one: Without any cost disadvantages to you. Should you decide during the test membership that our club is not to your taste, simply terminate the test membership without any additional cost and no hard feelings.

Just try it, our contact form is just one click away.

Test membership for 3 months
 195,-- €
Test membership for 6 months
 498,-- €
All prices including VAT.


Test membership is possible once per person.
*Combination with the Eco-Flyer cards is not possible.