About us

Presently the Luftsportverein Günzburg e.V. consists of about 140 active and more than 50 supporting members. The special airfield Günzburg-Donauried - with a very well kept 580 m long grass runway - is being run under our own management. Entering our flight school as pedestrians, members are being trained to obtain the private pilots licence for microlights, touring motor gliders and single engine airplanes. Our members may take the opportunity to either rent the club owned planes or base their own aircraft at our field.  Thus at our airfield beginners as well as airline captains with several thousand logged flight hours feel themselves equally at home.
When are you going to stop by, say hello and give yourself a try with flying? We are looking forward to see you!

Your contacts:

Mr. Johann Britsch
Tel.: 0171-2281104
j.britsch (at) lsvgz.de
Vice President:
Mrs. Davorka Held
Tel.: 0176-38746769
d.held (at) lsvgz.de
General Manager:
Mr. Jürgen Markwart
Tel.: 0173-7051632
j.markwart (at) lsvgz.de
Technical Officer:
Mr. Marcel Maier
Tel.: 0162-6854445
m.maier (at) lsvgz.de
Infrastructure Officer:
Mrs. Karin Pape
Tel.: 0170-9335424
k.pape (at) lsvgz.de
Chief Instructor Airplane:
Mr. Peter Gutmann
Tel.: 0171-5488928
p.gutmann (at) lsvgz.de
Chief Instructor Microlight:
Mr. Dietmar Weiss
Tel.: 0173-8513134
d.weiss (at) lsvgz.de