Which of our aircraft do you want to fly?

The LSV Günzburg owns a fleet of 10 modern microlight and single engine aircraft as well as one oldtimer aircraft. This fleet allows a perfect match with nearly everybodies different requirements and mission profiles:

For cost concious members we offer a very competitively priced entry into the world of powered flight with one of our Remos or Tecnam microlights.

For those seeking to obtain either the private pilots licence (PPL-A) or light aircraft pilots licence (LAPL), or for those looking for cost effective hour building our Grob G115 is the obvious choice.

For those enjoying either a local evening flight into the sunset or the tailwheel experience we offer our Piper PA18.

For those venturing into touring in comfort with up to 3 passengers our Robins DR400 and Cessna C172 with their high cruising speed and long range are ideal aircraft.

For touring to distant destinations in Europe, flights by night or poor visibility our IFR equipped Cessna C182 is the right plane for you.