Description Remos G3/600

The Remos G3/600 is a modern 2 place microlight with strutted high wing design. Construction is predominantly from carbon composite materials, with wings partly covered by synthetic fabric. Her powerplant, the ubiquitous 100 HP Rotax 912S, flat four with 85 ci displacement and propeller speed reduction gearbox, drives a 2 blade, wood composite, fixed pitch airscrew.  Built in northern Germany her flight characteristics are extremely well mannered and thus make her a very safe and easy training aircraft. She can be flown with removed doors and is therefore an exeptional platform aerial photography. Due to her very low operational cost and mature design she's really an ideal club airplane, as long as 2 seats suffice.

Our G3/600, with call sign D-MGAN, is equipped with state of the art and very user friendly avionics – Dynon D100 glass cockpit - which enables very easy transition for the new pilot on type. She is also equipped with a towing hook. The G3/600 has, like all german microlights, an extremly low noise profile with max. 60 dB(A). For comparison: Modern cars noise level is approximately 74 dB(A), whereas 3 dB(A) less means actually half the noise level. She is certified for visual flights during daytime (VFR).

Within LSV Günzburg the G3/600 is the main workhorse for basic pilot training, aerial photography and banner towing.

Technical data

Passengers 1
Length 6,47 m
Wing span 9,80 m
Height 2,30 m
Max. take off weight 472,5 kg
Cruise speed 205 km/h
Cruising range 740 km


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