Description Robin DR400 "Regent"

The Robin DR400 "Regent" is a 4 place airplane with low wing design and the characteristically upswept outer wings. Her powerplant is a carburetted Lycoming O-360, flat four engine with 360 ci, developing 180 HP and driving an all metall fixed pitch airscrew.  Due to her predominantly wooden construction she is exceptionally light and is therefore a good weight lifter. In combination with her huge fuel capacity that makes her an excellent touring aircraft. In a different configuration named "Remorqueur", she is well known for excellent glider towing capabilities. The low wing configuration with large windows make her also an ideal sight seeing aircraft. By means of mature design and docile flying manners the Robin DR400 is an excellent touring alternative to our Cessna 182.

Our Robin DR400 "Regent", with call sign D-EDNE, is equipped with conventional avionics which allow easy transition for pilots. The aircraft is certified for controlled visual flights during daylight (VFR and CVFR).

Within LSV Günzburg the speedy DR400 is mainly used for touring and sight seeing flights. She serves also as second type for pilot training.

Technical data

Passengers 3
Length 6,96 m
Wing span 8,72 m
Height 2,23 m
Max. take off weight 1.100 kg
Cruise speed 260 km/h
Cruising range 1.085 km


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Current prices for our club members to be found here.