Description Tecnam P92

Our Tecnam P92 is a modern 2 place microlight with strutted high wing design and steel tube frame covered with sheet aluminum. The power plant is an 80 HP Rotax 912, a flat four with 73 ci displacement, driving a fixed pitch airscrew. Built in Italy she has really docile manners and thus serves primarely as training and glider towing plane. The mature design in conjunction with very low operating cost make the Tecnam P92 a very useful club airplane, as long as 2 seats are sufficient.

Our P92, with call sign D-MUSW, is equipped with analog instrumentation, easing transition for pilots to the type. The P92, as all microlights, is very quiet with a max. noise level of 60 dB(A). For comparison: Modern cars noise level is approximately 74 dB(A), whereas 3 dB(A) less mean actually half the noise level. She is certified for visual flights during daytime (VFR).

Within the LSV Günzburg our P92 is mainly used for glider towing.

Technical data

Passengers 1
Length 6,40 m
Wing span 9,30 m
Height 2,50 m
Max. take off weight 472,5 kg
Cruise speed 185 km/h
Cruising range 500 km


Rental prices

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