Description Piper PA19

The Piper PA19 is the oldie within our club fleet. She is a 2 place airplane (seats in tandem configuration behind each other) with strutted high wing design. She is traditionally constructed with a frame of steel tubes and covered by fabric. The wings consist of an aluminium structure and are as well fabric covered. The engine is a Teledyne Continental C90 flat four with 200 ci displacement, developing 90 HP and driving a fixed pitch, all metall airscrew. Built in the USA she was widely used as military training and reconnaissance aircraft. Excellent low speed handling qualities and the possibility to fly with open doors make the PA19 the ideal plane for barnstorming, tailwheel training and for aerial photography.

Our PA19, with call sign D-EEWL, is equipped with a basic panel of conventional avionics which assists easy conversion for every pilot. She is certified for daylight visual flights (VFR).

Within the LSV Günzburg the PA19 is mainly used for local sightseeing flights.

Technical data

Passengers 1
Length 6,83 m
Wing span 10,73 m
Height 2,02 m
Max. take off weight 680 kg
Cruise speed 161 km/h
Cruising range 580 km


Rental prices

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