Approach information for pilots:

The airfield Günzburg-Donauried (EDMG) is located between several small lakes directly north of the field and the city of Günzburg south of it. The easily identified industrial site is located approximately 1NM SW of the airfield.

Operating hours:
During the summer months the airfield is usually operative on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 MESZ until sunset. At all other times we try to accomodate visitors on PPR basis. As we are quite often flying during the week, in this case a quick call by radio is all you need. We are looking forward to your visit!

Please be aware that landings are only possible as long as someone from our club is on the premises due to mandatory operation of the traffic lights on the roads crossing the field at its end. 4 NM ENE of the airfield directly on the approch to runway 24 sits the restricted area ED-R25 (nuclear power plant Grundremmingen). Please make sure to stay out of the restricted area. We do have frequent parachuting operations at the field (PJE), please monitor the frequency in advance and avoid the drop zone.
Noise abatement:
Respect for our neighbors is important for us. Please avoid overflying of the noise sensitive areas Riedhausen, Mittelriedsiedlung (turn 45° right after takeoff from runway 24), Birkenried and city of Günzburg. This areas are marked red on the approach chart (downloadable on the right).



Please click for airfield chart:

Bild Anflugkarte